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Stiga Electric

An ideal machine for domestic use to clear driveways and paths. This mains electric single stage snow blower has a 45cm working width. It collects and blows out the snow in one operation. Its also easy to transport with a compact shape and folding handle

  • Single Stage
  • 45cm Working Width
  • Rubber Coated Auger
  • 1800 Watt Motor
  • Auger Driven
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Snow Rex

A single stage machine with a 53cm working width this model is suitable for use at distances from a power source. Fitted with a pull start 190cc Briggs & Stratton Engine it will make light work of clearing snow from paths and driveways.

  • Single stage
  • 53cm Working width
  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton Engine
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Snow Cube

A heavy duty domestic machine, this two stage snow blower has a toothed auger and is ideal for clearing longer drives and paths. 56cm working width and powered by a pull start 212cc petrol engine. The adjustable discharge chute deposits snow where you want it. A single hand grip and adjustable skid shoes are standard features.

  • two stage blower
  • 56cm working width
  • adjustable discharge chute
  • 212cc petrol engine
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Kawasaki Mule 4010

Choice of two 2009 + 2014 models

  • 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • 2 and 4 Wheel drive
  • Power Steering
  • Front and Rear dual hydraulic brakes
  • Fitted with roof and windscreen kit.
  • Fully serviced by Kawasaki agents.

Price: POA


Price: £0.00

Kawasaki KVF300

  • liquid cooled 4 stroke engine
  • 271cc engine
  • Electric push button start
  • 2 speed automatic with reverse

Price: £0.00

Kawasaki KVF750

  • 746cm³ liquid cooled, 4 stroke engine
  • Electric starting
  • Reverse Gear
  • Front disc brake, Rear multiplate system
  • Range of accessories available including, Cargo boxes, winches, Gun Boot.

Price: £0.00

Karcher 5/11 U

  • Hot water pressure washer
  • 240 Volt
  • Upright design for effortless portability
  • 80 °C water temperature
  • 450 i/h water flow
  • 110 bar pressure
  • Optional 15m hose extention
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Price: £1,416.00

Karcher 601 C Eco

  • Hot water pressure washer
  • 240 Volt
  • 80 °C water temperature
  • 290-550 i/h water flow
  • 30-120 bar pressure
  • Easy press trigger gun
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Price: £2,258.00

Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans

  • Fitted with roof and screen kit.
  • 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • 4 seater
  • Hours 2,218. Mileage 14,824.

Price: POA

Price: £0.00

Maypole Professional Agricultural Booster Cable





  • 4 Meter length.
  • Extra flexible.
  • 850 AMP
  • Keep bag and storage.
  • Oil, acid and heat resistant.
  • 35mm² cable.

Price: £50.00

Clulite Classic Rechargeable Torch





  • 300m spot beam.
  • 4 hours continuous use.
  • Rapid recharge cycle.
  • Recharge time six hours.
  • lightweight (0.8kg)
  • Spare emergency bulb.
  • Waterproof switch.

Lamp supplied is complete with spare bulb and mains linear charger.

Price: £0.00

AntiFreeze 25L





  • 25L Anti Freeze.
  • Suitable for all year round.
  • Blue liquid.
  • Contains Ethylene Glycol.

Price: £40.00

MC48Li Chainsaw

  • Up to 150 cuts through 10cm logs on one charge.
  • Kick back and electric chain brake.
  • 40cm Oregon bar and chain.
  • DigiTorq brushless motor.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.

Price: £132.50

MH48Li Hedgetrimmer

  • Up to 70 minutes running time.
  • Lightweight and east to use.
  • 3 position rotating handle.
  • 20mm cutting capacity.
  • 61cm laser dual action blades.

Price: £74.17

MB48Li Brushcutter

  • Up to 40 minutes run time.
  • Tap and Go bump feed head.
  • Hi/Lo power switch.
  • 35cm cutting width.
  • DigiTorq brushless motor.
  • Complete with harness.

Price: £132.50

Stiga Leaf Blower

SBL 327 V

  • Anti-vibration system.
  • Vacuum function.
  • Softgrip handle
  • Low emissions.
  • Easy start system.

Price: £165.00

Test Mountfield

Test mountfield

Price: £0.00

Kidd Post Rammer

TWY 340 post driver.

  • Swing round post driver to operate 180 degrees to either side or behind the tractor.
  • 200 Kg tapered weight.
  • 3 meter mast.
  • Telescopic boom to move mast in or out.
  • Adjusted post retaining calliper.

Price: POA

Price: £0.00

Kuhn 302 YGL Mower Conditioner

Kuhn mower conditioner in good condition that has been serviced and checked.

Price: £6,500.00

Stiga ride on mowers


  • Park Prestige. Engine: Kohler. With no cut deck. 4wd
  • Park Royal. Engine: Honda. 121m cut.
  • Park Prestige.  Engine: Kohler. 107hd cut. 4wd.
  • Park cutter deck with a 121m cut.
  • Park Comfort. Engine: Briggs. 105c cut.
  • Park President. Engine: Briggs. 107m cut.
  • Park Pro 20. Engine: Briggs U/S. 105c cut.

Prices from £1,500.

Price: £0.00

Kawasaki Mule Pro DX

Mule Pro DX

  • High torque, compact three cylinder diesel engine fed by a large 30 litre fuel tank.
  • Electrically selectable 2WD/4WD and rear differential lock.
  • Differential lock allows maximum traction or minimum ground disturbance.
  • Standard doors contribute to enhanced comfort and convenience.
  • 453kg capacity.
  • Instruments include horn, fuel gauge, speedometer and hour meter.

Price: £0.00


Mule Pro DXT

  • Powerful 993cc in line 3-Cylinder diesel engine.
  • Light at low speeds, power steering makes maneuvering with a full load smoother and easier.
  • The trans cab system allows rear bench to be raised or lowered in less than a minute.
  • When carrying four people the cargo reduces to 560 mm in length.
  • With rear seats folded, the load bay is extended by 525 mm.
  • Changing between two or four seats is quick and easy. No need for tools.
  • 2WD and 4WD mode to move 453 kg loads or trailer up to 907 kg.

Price: £0.00

Petrol Lawnmowers

If you have a fine lawn and want those classic stripes look no further. The Mountfield Roller mower range will provide that striped finish.

Roller mowers will have:

  • A full width roller.
  • A choice of Mountfield or Honda engine.
  • A cutting width of 41cm, 46cm or 48cm.
  •  Hand propelled or self propelled.
  • Recoil or electric key start.
  • Robust steel chassis.
  • Grass collector with a 55 or 75 litre capacity.


Price: £0.00

Petrol lawnmowers are ideal for larger gardens. These modern engines are easy to use and are suitable for general purpose use. They are more powerful than mains electric models. Four wheel machines like these are highly maneuverable and will give and excellent finish to all types of lawn.

4 wheel mowers will have:

  • A choice of engine Mountfield or Honda.
  • A grass bag capacity of either 40, 60 and 70 litres.
  • Width cut of either 41cm, 46cm, 48cm or 53cm.
  • Hand propelled or self propelled.
  • Steel chassis material.

If your lawn is on a slope you may need to consider a self propelled model.


Price: £0.00

Stihl FS55





  • Low weight.
  • Fully adjustable bike handle for larger mowing tasks.
  • Slide control run/stop selector
  • Practical control handle with integral throttle trigger.
  • Manual fuel pump.

Price: £210.00

Stiga SBC 645 KD




  • Easy start system.
  • Low emissions.
  • Anti-Vibration system.
  • Full control handle.
  • Double harness for pure comfort.
  • Soft grip handle.

Price: £315.00

Mountfield S461 PD





  • Power driven rear wheels, removes the effort of pushing the mower.
  • Very easy to use. Pull the clutch lever and away you go.
  • 5 pre-set cutting positions 25mm to 80mm, easy to adjust.
  • Grass collector holds 60 litres of cuttings. Can be used without the collector.
  • Robust steel chassis.

Price: £250.00

Mountfield SP555 RV





  • A premium roller mower offering high end features and build quality.
  • Capable of producing an extra close cut finish.
  • Deck wash port.
  • Cutting heights of 13mm to 65mm. 8 positions.
  • Grass collector that can hold 75 litres of cuttings.

Price: £707.50

Stiga Multiclip Plus 50S




  • Self propelled mulching lawnmower.
  • 140cc engine.
  • 5 heights of cut ranging from 31-75mm. Easily adjustable.
  • Adjustable handles.
  • No need for a collector because the clippings are finely cut.
  • Anti-Vibration system.

Price: £355.00

Stiga Collector 43 Push Mower




  • Hand propelled mulching lawnmower.
  • 100cc engine.
  • Robust steel chassis.
  • 41cm cutting deck and choice of 5 cutting positions.
  • Plastic 60 litre capacity grass collector.

Price: £165.00

Spring Special


Price: £10.00

Princess 34 & 38Li

  • 34cm – 38cm cutting width.
  • Rear roller lawnmower.
  • Hand propelled.
  • Cutter deck and mulching plug.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use.
  • Front comb for improved cutting performance.
  • 48v 4.0ah lithium-lon battery.
  • Comes with charger and 2 batteries.
  • 35 to 45 litre capacity collector.





Price: £0.00

Quad-X Trailer

Maximize your trailer capacity.

  • Slightly wider than most stock trailers for more capacity, it suits most new model ATV’s.
  • Aluminium non slip ramp. Integral swing door to make it easier to load individual animals, especially if there is other animals already in the trailer.
  • The side bars. Instead of the mesh design it can be folded down. The folded down sides can be used to carry hay bales or larger items.
  • With the sides in the down position they do not fall off during transport, this allows you  to maximize the loading capacity of the trailer.
  • Comes equipped with floor design to reduce animal slippage in transport.

Price: £0.00

Quad-X Roller

  • Designed for paddocks, playing fields, landscaping and other ground maintenance applications.
  • The roller can be used with any vehicle with a tow hitch.
  • The Quad-X roller is a strong robust machine, designed to last and to handle the toughest of terrains.
  • Width 1.5m

Price: £869.00

Kawasaki Mule 3010


  • 3 Cylinder diesel engine
  • Front + Rear dual brakes
  • 2WD and 4WD
  • Fitted roof + Screen kit
  • 2,562 Hours. 8,463 Miles.

Price: POA

Price: £0.00

Kuhn Fertilizer spreader 40.2

  • Precise material flow.
  • GPS control ready.
  • Accurate spreading with all types of fertilizers.
  • Two coupling heights make it easy to attach to different tractors.
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Price: £0.00


All Oxdale log splitters are designed, tested and built in Britain.

  • Cuts wood with easy use.
  • Splits logs up to 18 inches tall no limit to width of the log.
  • Suitable to be mounted on any tractor, runs off the tractors hydraulics.

Price From: £540

Price: £0.00

Karcher 5/11 U (Duplicate)

  • Hot water pressure washer
  • 240 Volt
  • Upright design for effortless portability
  • 80 °C water temperature
  • 450 i/h water flow
  • 110 bar pressure
  • Optional 15m hose extention
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In stock Price excludes VAT Click image for larger picture

Price: £1,416.00